You lose your most valuable currency every day


Hey Friends,

Time is the most valuable currency you have.

You lose it with every second that goes by.

You reading this email is costing you time.

This is why I try to bring some sort of value to you whenever I take the time to write these emails.

Whether it is an insightful story, aligner tip, or sharing a new video I made.

This week I wanted to remind you how precious your time is and encourage you to evaluate how you are spending it.

Are you doing things that someone else can do?

Are you not doing things because you don't have the time for them?

Do you really not have time or do you just not have your priorities in order?

Because everything you did yesterday and are going to do today... are choices you make.

Simply be AWARE of the choices you make for the things you do.

I have learned this ever since becoming a Dad.

I still have 24 hours in my days - but I use my hours very differently - based on my PRIORITIES.

I prioritize my health, relationship with Neha, connection with Naira, and my business.

So I make choices to fuel these choices.

I go to sleep around 9:30pm so that I can wakeup at 4:45am to go to the gym.

I workout, sauna and cold plunge and am home by 7am to be back in time to help feed Naira.

We start our work days around 9 - I either work or am on Naira duty depending on the day.

Around 5 we go for a family walk with Simba

Then do Naira's evening routine starting at 6 - she's asleep by 7.

Then from 7-9:30 we eat dinner, chat, read or watch tv depending on the day.

This is what my days look like more or less - but in this season of life I have to be dynamic.

There has never been so much rapid intense change in my life in such a short period of time and I am getting used to the dance between routine and flexibility.

I lean on my priorities to be my guiding light - and you should too.

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Straight Talk

The number 1 hurdle docs tell me they face is getting the team on board with this procedure.

With the team - it is simple.

Ask them what they are struggling with then provide a solution.

Time will be the problem 99% of the time.

Help them re-structure their priorities with time management.

Perio charting and radiographs should be priority 2 and 3 while scanning should be 1.

Tell them why it's so important. (think standard of care, modern patient education, pictures say 1,000 words...)


Video of the Week


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In this video, I share my experience with a $9,249 implant continuing education course that left me disappointed. I was in a dark place mentally and thought investing in further education would help.


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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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