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If you weren't on the waitlist or didn't know...

I launched my BRAND NEW Aligner Case Selection Video Training + Guide on Thursday and it is now LIVE to the public!

Here is the link to get the entire system (no cost) - https://www.clearaligneradvisor.co/selectionsystem

If you are new to aligners or want to know how to select your first 3 predictable cases... you need to get your copy of the video training and guide at the link above.

It's been a super fun adventure to create this resource as another $0 cost way for people to learn how to do aligners.

This space doesn't have enough education around aligners and I am enjoying creating these things for you all - so have at it!

If you end up watching it this weekend I would love some feedback on it - feel free to hit reply to this and let me know your thoughts :)

In other life news - Neha and I are at the 20 week mark for our pregnancy and we cannot be more excited!

We go in next week for the baby's anatomy scan and will be able to see our little baby's face and what not (which is mindblowing... 🤯)

We are waiting to find out the gender until baby is here and we've been doing this fun thing where every month we alternate what gender we refer to the baby as (my idea)

This month the baby is a girl and next month the baby will be a boy. It's a fun way to still be able to "envision" what life will be like with a pretend gender and helps appease the imagination part of my brain haha

This is the time of year where Austin is the best and most desirable place to live in my opinion. We have 60 degree mornings and 77 degree days with the sun out.

I try to take in as much of these days as I can because we had over 100 days in the summer over 100 degrees... brutal.

More life updates and news - Neha, Simba and I are moving soon!

We are ditching the downtown high rise life and renting a house out in the burbs 😬

The space is much needed for this next chapter in our life as we grow our family and also with Neha and I both working from home we need some dedicated rooms to work in...

Especially considering the fact that my "youtube studio" has taken over our guest bedroom which used to be Neha's office LOL

I am STOKED for the new setup because the bedrooms have shutters - so I can get the room nice and dark which will help me have more control with the lighting for my videos... the end result should be some pretty insane looking videos!

If you are not following me on instagram you need to... I post 2x a day and it's a different type of dental page that you might find refreshing

Follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/doctor.avi/

Something You Should Know...

Interesting article here where they share some top tech companies in dentistry...

All except SmileDirectClub seem worth checking out LOL

Article here

Straight Talk

I'd like to share a game-changer in modern dentistry – digital scanning.

Precise Impressions: With digital scanners, there's no more messy and uncomfortable traditional impressions. The scanner captures precise 3D images of patients teeth, ensuring a snug fit for clear aligners, crowns, or any other treatment.

Patient Comfort: Say goodbye to goopy impression materials. Digital scanning is quick, painless, and minimizes discomfort, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Digital scans are incredibly accurate, reducing the chances of errors. Plus, they're efficient, saving you time and reducing the need for retakes.

Eco-Friendly: Going digital means reducing waste from traditional impression materials. It's a small but meaningful step toward a greener future.

Digital scanning is revolutionizing the dental experience, making it smoother, more precise, and more comfortable for our patients. We're excited to offer this innovative technology in our practice to enhance your dental journey.

Video of the Week

video preview

Retiring from dentistry at 30: What's next for me? Watch the video to find out!

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Dr. Avi

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