Hey Friends,

A lot of change has been happening in my life lately and this week I think it's all hitting me.

I retired from clinical dentistry.

We are moving out of our downtown apartment to a home in the burbs next week.

We have a baby on the way.

So my career, home and family are all changing.

All of these things are changes for the good.

But it doesn't necessarily feel that way....

I'm not proud of it but my mind has found the small "negatives" in all of these things.

I pride myself on being an optimist so when negative thoughts creep into my mind and I allow them to influence my thought patterns - it bothers me.... alot.

Some of the thoughts and questions that have been running through my head are:

"When we move to the new house - I can't just go outside for a walk around lady bird lake during the day"

"I can't just walk down the block to grab a coffee because there aren't any within walking distance"

"Whole foods and trader joe's aren't a 2 minute walk anymore"

"I will have to get in my car to drive anywhere since the neighborhood isn't as walkable or nice"

"I'm going to become complacent being in the suburbs and won't be growing as much" (my biggest fear)

"When we have the baby will I be able to focus on and grow my business or will everything go to shit?"

I realized I am afraid.

Afraid of "losing" all the growth and positive changes that have happened in my life over the last 3 years.

This thought is ironic because everything has NOT been so great the last 3 years. There were several obstacles and barriers I overcame to create this life that I am living.

But my MINDSET throughout all of it was positive - this is what has set the tone for my experiences.

This is the power that we control.

I realize some of these things are very much 1st world problems... but they're real thoughts of mine.

I am trying to practice gratitude and NOT compare my current chapter in life to the next.

I have been talking to Neha and my therapist about all these thoughts and I am working on trusting myself to be able to adapt.

Change is not easy.

Change is hard.

I try to keep the updates on this newsletter as real as possible with you guys.

If you have ever experienced these thoughts when you've undergone change in life - you are not alone.

If you want to chat about any of this or have any words of encouragement/advice - hit reply - I'd love to hear from you 😊

Something You Should Know...

We had some new Clear Aligner program launches last week!

The Free Case Selection Training was released - click here to register​

We also launched Aligner Advantage!

Aligner Advantage is our brand new Case Selection + Acceptance Program

The enrollments have been rolling in and I could not be more excited to support these docs improve their case acceptance skills!

We also have added an Orthodontist to the team who reviews cases that docs submit in our Case Confidence Network - he helps provided 1 on 1 feedback to let you know if you should treat or refer the case

Pretty sweet right?

Straight Talk

I'm excited to share some invaluable insights with you that can significantly impact the success of clear aligner treatment in your dental practice.

One critical aspect of this treatment is the precise placement of attachments. Attachments are like the guiding hands that help aligners achieve those beautiful smiles.

So, let's dive into these 10 personalized tips for effective attachment placement that you can apply in your practice right away:

  1. Plan Carefully (Like Crafting a Masterpiece): I begin by carefully strategizing where each attachment should go on my patient's teeth. Think of it as crafting a masterpiece - every detail counts.
  2. Utilize Aligner Software (My Digital Assistant): I embrace technology by using clear aligner treatment planning software. It's like having a digital assistant to help me visualize and guide attachment placement accurately.
  3. Keep Things Dry (A Dry Canvas): Just like a painter needs a dry canvas, I need a dry tooth surface. I use cotton rolls or air syringes to maintain a dry field during attachment placement.
  4. Choose Attachments Wisely (The Right Tool for the Job): I select attachments that align with the tooth's shape and the intended movement. It's like picking the right tool for a specific task.
  5. Apply Gentle Pressure (Precision Matters): I apply gentle but precise pressure when securing attachments. Think of it as placing the final piece of a puzzleβ€”it needs to fit perfectly.
  6. Double-Check Placement (The Perfect Angle): I verify that attachments are in the right position from multiple angles. Imagine I'm capturing the perfect angle in a photograph.
  7. Smooth Those Edges (No Rough Spots): I ensure attachment edges are smooth. It's like polishing a gem to reveal its true beauty without any imperfections.
  8. Educate Your Patients (Guiding Partners): I am a guiding partner for my patients. I educate them about attachment care, proper oral hygiene, and what to expect during treatment.
  9. Regular Inspection (Routine Check-Ups): I schedule regular follow-up appointments to inspect attachment conditions and replace any damaged ones. It's like routine check-ups for your car to keep it running smoothly.
  10. Stay Informed (Continuous Learning): I keep my skills sharp by staying informed about the latest attachment technologies and techniques. Think of it as staying updated with the latest trends in fashion.

Applying these tips will not only enhance your attachment placement skills but also contribute to the overall success of clear aligner treatment in your practice. I hope you find these insights valuable and practical for immediate implementation.

Video of the Week

In this video, I'm talking to you from the perspective of a dentist and explaining how old-school and new-school dentists practice. Watch the video to find out!



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