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Do your patients say "aligners are too expensive?"

Published about 1 month agoΒ β€’Β 4 min read


Hey Friends,

I wanted to use this week's newsletter to address a common problem that many docs bring up to me.

I was on a call last week with a doctor in our aligner training program and he said that he feels like he doesn't have the patients for aligners because they say it is too expensive.

Let's break this down so that you can walk away with a new mindset on how to handle this objection.

So people buy things they value... this is why it is super important to have the RIGHT conversations in the chair before money is discussed.

As the provider you need to be focusing the conversation on oral health.

When you do this - you are building the value in a category that most people value as opposed to cosmetics. (million dollar tip right there)

After you have built the value in their oral health - you let the patient ask "how much does it cost?"

When a patient asks the PRICE... that means they are interested and WANT what you are offering.

Now it is your job to make the rest of the process as FRICTIONLESS as possible and you should feel free to get creative too.

Let's get real here for a second so that you can understand this experience from the patient's perspective.

If I am a patient and I come in for my regular checkup and cleaning - that is all I am expecting.

So when you walk in and start telling me about a procedure that is going to cost me $6,000 then YEAH any reasonable person would want to think about it.

Because I wasn't expecting to drop 6 grand at the dentist today lol

However - if you tell me that I can get started today for $250... then that sounds very do-able because almost everyone who is coming into your practice has access to $250.

The way this works is by getting the patient to put a down payment down to get them to financially commit to the procedure.

Then you tell them that the rest of the terms of payment can be handled in 5-6 weeks once the trays are in.

This way they CAN go home and figure out their finances and they have 5-6 weeks to do so rather than 5-6 minutes in the treatment coordinators office.

Now if they have absolutely NO WAY to pay $250 for 24 months - well then they would say so and wouldn't begin treatment.

You are covered from a liability stand point too because they must sign the treatment plan agreeing to the fact that they are required to cover the cost of treatment but that final terms of payment will be determined at the initial tray delivery appintment.

If this is different than your current process and you are still not doing 5-10 cases a month - then give it a try.

We go over different strategies like this that are proven and WORK in Aligner Launchpad.

If you are looking for a convenient and efficient way to learn how to implement aligners in your practice - join us in Aligner Launchpad.

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Straight Talk

Dive into the rewarding world of clear aligners and discover how to seamlessly integrate this innovative treatment into your practice. Here are four essential tips to get you started:

​1. Commit to Continuous Education: Stay ahead by ensuring you and your team are well-versed in the latest aligner technologies and treatment strategies.

Quick Actions:

*Enroll in specialized training.

*Keep abreast of industry advancements.

2. Enhance Patient Experience with Technology: Utilize digital scanning for accurate impressions and maintain open, informative communication with your patients.

Quick Actions:

*Invest in digital impression systems.

*Create easy-to-understand patient guides.

3. Streamline Your Treatment Approach: Carefully select suitable cases and monitor treatment progress with a structured protocol.

Quick Actions:

*Establish criteria for case selection.

*Utilize digital tools for monitoring.

4. Offer Flexible Payment Solutions: Make clear aligners accessible to more patients by providing a variety of financing options.

Quick Actions:

*Partner with dental financing companies.

*Clearly present payment plans during consultations.

In Conclusion:

Adopting clear aligners can significantly benefit your practice and patients. By focusing on education, technology, careful patient selection, and accessibility, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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Dr. Avi

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