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Enjoying these moments is easier said than done...

Published about 1 month agoΒ β€’Β 4 min read


Hey Friends,

Week 2 of fatherhood has been pretty good overall!

The biggest thing I am finding myself slipping up on is thinking about work or "the next phase" instead of fully immersing myself in this one.

I feel like part of that is because I had a few open loops for work like content review and a brand deal that I am working on...

These were supposed to be done by the end of February so that I could lock in on navigating fatherhood and supporting Neha starting March 6 (Naira's original due date) but she came 3 weeks early LOL

All that being said - I have closed the loops and am committing to going "zero dark thirty" for this month.

This means blocking out using social media apps and keeping my phone on do not disturb for a majority of the day for the next 30 days.

It means focusing on the things going on IN my house first before reaching for the phone to see what is going on people's stories.

I have heard it a million times "enjoy these moments"

I am learning very quickly that you can't enjoy these moments when your mind is somewhere else.

"Enjoying these moments" is easier said than done because as much as I want to focus on being here in this moment I can't help but think about the future...

Will Naira ever sleep through the night?

Will our schedules ever return to normal?

Will the business continue to grow even if I am not working on it?

The answer to these questions is YES... it will just take TIME and I have to TRUST.

And that is my plan.

More trust - less stress.

This is the challenge that I am accepting.

I am grateful to have time in my life now and have control over what I work on and do.

This is something that I have worked hard to make a reality and now that it is here I do not want to waste it.

You may be in a similar position in life right now where you are trying to navigate a new scenario or environment.

Maybe you made some promises to yourself about wanting to change and you haven't followed through on them.

It's ok.

Nobody is perfect.

You STILL have the ability to change by taking 1 action today towards your goal.

Whether it is a clinical, financial, or personal goal.

Whatever that action is - I challenge you to act on it today.

Do it for your future self - you won't regret it πŸ˜‰

Ok I gotta run - Naira is sleeping on my chest and it's feeding time.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Invest in Education: Ensure both clinical and non-clinical staff are trained in clear aligner technology, including treatment planning, patient selection, and case management.
  2. Prioritize Clear Communication: Educate patients clearly about treatment expectations, care instructions, and the importance of compliance for successful outcomes.
  3. Leverage Digital Tools: Utilize digital scanning and practice management software to streamline the treatment process, from accurate impressions to efficient scheduling and follow-up.
  4. Focus on Patient Compliance: Encourage adherence to wearing schedules with regular check-ins and use tools like apps or SMS reminders to keep patients engaged and compliant.
  5. Offer Flexible Financing: Make clear aligners accessible to more patients by providing transparent and flexible payment options, ensuring patients understand their financing choices.

These tips focus on the core areas essential for integrating and managing clear aligner treatments effectively in a dental practice.

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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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