How to save chair time + increase treatment?

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Hey Friends,

This week has been nothing short of HOT in Austin... we are getting cooked out here.

I started going for morning runs. Well I guess they're technically jogs lol

It's the only time of day where it is comfortable to be outside and it's very refreshing.

I do Barry's twice a week for workouts and have been finding it hard to motivate myself to get to the gym and workout alone... so I opt for a run instead.

While I would like to meet some fitness goals and keep my body in shape - I am getting more comfortable with the idea of getting MOVEMENT in rather than multiple strenuous workouts.

I find that my body and mind respond well to movement vs just working out - and in this season of life it is what is bringing me joy. The thought of lifting weights in the gym is not something I am excited to do (you may not ever feel this way but I do enjoy it, just not right now)

Clinically things have been going good - a little slow because of the summer but I don't blame my patients lol

Traveling and doing other "fun things" would be higher on my priority list as well haha

I will say - I took advantage of having access to a team members and a cavitron this week and got some areas of build up taken care of. Does anyone else do that?

I am thinking about bringing an anterior scaler at home and using it to take my home care to the next level! lol

So that's new with me - what's new with you?

Feel free to respond directly to this email - I read everything and would love to know what are some things you are working on or excited about.

Straight Talk

Offer Virtual Consultations

Implement virtual consultations to reach potential clear aligner patients who may prefer remote interactions or have difficulty visiting your dental practice in person. Virtual consultations provide a convenient way for patients to discuss their aligner needs, share images, and receive initial treatment recommendations from the comfort of their homes.

Here's how you can implement this tip tomorrow:

Set up virtual consultation software: Research and select a secure and user-friendly virtual consultation platform. Ensure it allows patients to schedule appointments and share images or videos securely.

Create a dedicated webpage: Design a webpage on your dental practice's website specifically for virtual consultations. Provide clear instructions on how patients can schedule appointments and access the virtual consultation platform.

Promote virtual consultations: Announce the availability of virtual consultations through your practice's website, social media channels, and email newsletters. Highlight the benefits of remote consultations, such as convenience and accessibility.

Train your team: Ensure your dental team is familiar with the virtual consultation process and can assist patients with scheduling and technical support if needed.

Conduct virtual consultations professionally: During virtual appointments, treat the consultation with the same professionalism as an in-person visit. Ask questions about the patient's dental history, provide treatment information, and discuss the potential benefits of clear aligners.

Follow up and provide treatment options: After the virtual consultation, follow up with personalized treatment plans, including clear aligner options and estimated timelines. Offer clear aligner packages tailored to their specific needs.

By offering virtual consultations, you expand your reach to potential patients beyond your local area and provide a convenient option for those who prefer remote interactions. This technological approach demonstrates your commitment to meeting patients' evolving needs and sets your dental practice apart as a modern and accessible provider of clear aligner services.

Video of the Week

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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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