Should you focus on one thing or several things?

Hey Friends,

The question posed in the subject may seem redundant to you but focus and "things to focus on" is an interesting concept.

Some people think they need to be doing multiple things at once to be productive.

Others think they just need to focus on one thing at a time and chip away.

I don't know if there is a right answer but lately I have been doing a combo of both.

It's helped me make INSANE strides in MEANINGFUL projects that I am working on right now.

In the last 2 weeks I have been able to...

Relaunch Clear Aligner Blueprint

Start planning my 2024 Aligner Retreat in Austin (book a call here for the details)

Found a sponsor for a speaking event in August

Signed on 2 new 1 on 1 clients for social media coaching + course creation

Successfully onboarded and completed coaching session 1 with my 1 on 1 client

Create new bonus walkthrough videos for Clear Aligner Blueprint and Launchpad Docs

Revamped the enrollment page for Aligner Launchpad with new offerings

Had several calls with docs interested in my 2024 Aligner Retreat in Austin

And been a present father to Naira while being a supportive husband to Neha...

It may seem like I am all over the place but I swear... I have never been so locked in...

My fear of saying yes to some of these new projects and opportunities scared me at first.

I thought I would be distracted + stretched too thin.

But I was wrong.

I took action and said yes.

I said yes to hiring my friend Karan (@theretreatsguy) to help me plan the retreat

I said yes to the idea of relaunching Aligner Blueprint (knowing how much work this would be)

I said yes to working with colleagues who are trying to create courses/programs to make a positive impact in the industry

I said yes to a speaking event that would put me in front of dentists looking for a solution to grow their practices

I said yes to making a new masterclass to provide even MORE free value and education for you

You see - all of these things were happening because they are all aligned with the few core principles and goals that I have outlined

I read 2 books recently that have had a profound impact on the way I am operating in life

Essentialism and 12 Week Year

These books had similar themes in that you have to take a minute and actually write down your priorities.

Using this filter helps you rank goals, projects and tasks.

My priorities are making an impact in the dental field, being a supportive husband and present father, and my health.

Oh yeah i've been working out consistently for 5-6 days a week on top of all of this while we have 2 hour windows of "free time" even though they aren't that free because Naira is going through a growth spurt lol


All of this is to say that I was TERRIFIED of being a father in the sense that I thought my productivity would PLUMMET... and it's been quite the opposite.

I am motivated more than ever and truly believe that when things are ALIGNED with your vision NOTHING is too much.

That being said... I have been coooooooking up A LOT of stuff for you guys and I hope you find value in it.

If not - no biggie and I appreciate you reading this far haha

Video of the Week

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In this video, I talk about how being selfish actually helped me become a better person. I share my personal experience and how it positively impacted my mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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Straight Talk

When it comes to treatment planning for clear aligners in general dental practice, the following tips can be particularly helpful:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation:
    • Start with a thorough dental examination, including an assessment of the teeth, gums, and overall oral health.
    • Use radiographs, photographs, and digital scans to get a complete picture of the patient’s dental anatomy and orthodontic needs.
  2. Digital Planning and Simulation:
    • Utilize digital treatment planning tools to simulate the final outcome of the orthodontic treatment. This helps in setting realistic expectations and allows for modifications before the treatment starts.
    • Digital simulations can also engage patients more effectively by showing them potential results.
  3. Case Selection:
    • Not all cases are suitable for clear aligners. Select cases based on the complexity of the orthodontic needs. Simple to moderate malocclusions often respond well to clear aligner treatment, whereas more complex cases may require traditional orthodontics.
    • Consider factors such as the degree of crowding, bite issues, and the presence of skeletal discrepancies.
  4. Interdisciplinary Approach:
    • Collaborate with orthodontists or other dental specialists when planning treatment, especially for complex cases. This can ensure a more comprehensive approach and better outcomes.
    • Refer cases that are beyond the scope of general practice to ensure the best care for the patient.
  5. Customization of Treatment:
    • Customize the treatment plan for each patient, considering their specific dental and aesthetic needs.
    • Determine the number of aligners needed, the duration of treatment, and any additional procedures required, such as interproximal reduction or attachment placement.
  6. Communication and Consent:
    • Clearly communicate the treatment plan, duration, cost, and expected outcomes to the patient.
    • Obtain informed consent, ensuring that the patient understands the commitment required for successful treatment with clear aligners.
  7. Monitoring Progress:
    • Plan for regular monitoring appointments to ensure that the treatment is progressing as expected.
    • Be prepared to make adjustments to the treatment plan if necessary, based on the progress and feedback during these appointments.

Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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