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I have been "in the trenches" this week creating my next resource for you all...

Aligner Case Selection System - it will be completely FREE.

With this system you will know how to pick your first 3 aligner cases.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet - I promise you there is value in this system.

The system is a combination of 2 things - the Case Selection Guide and Case Selection Masterclass.

These are both LOADED with gems and pearls.

Again - I am giving you all of this information because part of my mission is to make aligner education for general dentists accessible.

I wish someone made these for me when I was first starting out - and I would love to be that person for you.

I appreciate you being here - following along and consuming this content.

It would be a huge help if you can help me get the word out about the Aligner Case Selection System!

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I urge you to get on the priority waitlist so that you can get access before the public. If you are on the list you will get an email the day before I launch this so that you get early access.

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I am however going to share the details of the program to the 2,000+ other dentists on my email list next week - so don't wait.

Once it is released to the public - it will have limited capacity so get on the waitlist now so you don't miss out.

Something You Should Know...

Smile Direct Club is filing for bankruptcy.

A big player in the teeth straightening industry, SmileDirectClub, is in serious trouble because there's a lot of competition. They filed for bankruptcy protection because they couldn't make enough money selling clear plastic teeth aligners. They want to reduce their debt and get some money from their founders to stay in business.

But if they can't find a way to make their business work in the next two months, they might have to close down for good. One reason they're struggling is because their idea of selling aligners directly to customers without them going to a dentist's office didn't work out as well as they hoped (shocker lol).

In the past, they grew quickly and made a lot of money, but recently their revenue has been going down, and their stock price is very low. One analyst thinks they failed because it was too expensive to get new customers.

Also, SmileDirectClub has been fighting legal battles for a long time (with Align), which has hurt their financial situation. Right now, the future of the company and the jobs of their employees and the dentists they work with are uncertain.

Straight Talk

Today, I'm sharing some essential insights on conducting a comprehensive case assessment for clear aligner treatment. As a dentist, I know that this is where the journey to a beautiful smile truly begins. So, let's delve into these practical tips for a thorough case assessment:

  1. Clinical Mastery: Start with a comprehensive clinical examination, ensuring we leave no stone unturned in assessing the patient's dental and gum health.
  2. Digital Precision: Use state-of-the-art digital impressions to create precise records, making the process comfortable for our patients and ensuring accuracy.
  3. Capture the Moment: Take high-quality photographs from different angles, creating a visual record that helps us track progress and evaluate results.
  4. Functional Harmony: Assess functional occlusion and bite to guarantee that the treatment aligns with our patient's unique needs.
  5. Gum Health Matters: Prioritize a thorough periodontal assessment, addressing any gum disease or periodontal concerns before orthodontic treatment.
  6. Patient's Voice: Listen to our patients' goals and concerns to tailor the treatment plan to their expectations.
  7. Risk Awareness: Evaluate risk factors for potential complications and discuss them openly with our patients.
  8. Holistic Approach: In complex cases, collaborate with specialists to ensure a well-rounded treatment plan.
  9. Informed Consent: Always provide detailed treatment plans and secure informed consent before proceeding.
  10. Regular Reassessment: Continually reassess the treatment plan throughout the journey, making necessary adjustments as we progress.

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Are you curious why some dentists charge different prices for dental crowns?

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