Toxicity In Dentistry Has 3 Key Components

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Sorry for not sending out a Clear Insights newsletter in the last few weeks – I've been spending time with family, celebrating different things.

We had our baby shower in Jacksonville last week, and it was great to see close family and friends before our little bundle of joy arrives.

Now, we're up in NY, staying at my sister-in-law's place.

Connecting with them is wonderful because we get to be ourselves through and through with them and their kids.

Fun fact – during COVID, we were all in the same "bubble," and we used to come over multiple times a week because they had a nice big deck, a refreshing change from our one-bedroom apartment.

I spent the last day or two evaluating the online business and figuring out ways to provide more value to you all.

I plan on starting a video podcast series called Clear Aligner Chats – where I interview dental professionals who have had success with aligners.

I'll ask them about how they started, what their journey was like, any insights or tips for beginners, and what they think aligners will be in the future of dentistry.

My goal with this is to make these experts more accessible than they already are, as many of the ones I have in mind don't have much of a social media presence.

This isn't an indictment on them or how they operate – just something I wish was available to me earlier in my career.

There's something powerful and inspiring when you can hear the origin stories of experts/legends in the space.

Everyone sees the end result of success when people become known, but not many people know what they went through to get there or how the struggles were.

I think this makes them more relatable, and not everyone has the platforms to share this or is even willing to share it on their own.

My goal is to help bring these stories to light so that you can learn from the best.

If you have any ideas for who I should interview - please reply to this email with their name!

Outside of Clear Aligner Chats, I have a goal of supporting more docs in Aligner Launchpad in 2024.

If you didn't know – we created a new level of personalized support for docs.

Docs who enroll in Aligner Launchpad get three months of access to the Case Review Portal.

This portal is where docs can simply upload cases that they have questions about and receive customized feedback to help guide them with their case setups.

I also plan on reaching out to more people in the industry to collaborate and bring value to their communities.

This is something that I recently did with Dr. Sonia Chopra, and we got really positive feedback.

You'll start to see my content on social media go deeper into the more relatable topics in dentistry.

Some people say I'm very negative on social media, which makes me laugh because I am one of the biggest optimists.

I think my content is very real, and I share messages that may make people feel uncomfortable – but they're all true.

I plan to bring more of a storytelling aspect into the content to help make it more palatable and relatable, as I feel like this type of content resonates with more people.

Hope you have a great new year!

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Straight Talk

Tailoring Clear Aligner Choices to Patient Lifestyles

When discussing clear aligner options with patients, it's vital to extend the conversation beyond teeth and bite alignment to include an assessment of the patient's lifestyle. The durability and suitability of aligners can significantly vary based on the patient’s daily activities, especially for those engaged in contact sports or intense physical activities.

Some brands specialize in more durable aligners, designed to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. These robust options are less likely to break or become dislodged, providing a more reliable and hassle-free treatment experience for active patients. On the other hand, more delicate aligners, while suitable for less active lifestyles, may not offer the same resilience under physical stress.

As a dentist, guiding your patients towards a clear aligner system that aligns with their lifestyle, especially for those who are highly active or athletes, can lead to more successful and satisfactory treatment outcomes. Remember, a well-chosen aligner is not just a dental device; it's a part of your patient's daily life.

Video of the Week

video preview

If you're a dentist, it's important to know that dentists have a high suicide rate. In this video, I'm sharing with you why dentists have a high suicide rate, and how you can help address the problem.

I go over the 3 biggest reasons for toxicity in the dental field - THIS IS A MUST WATCH

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