Hey Friends,

I've been in my new "career" for a month now and I am settling in nicely by bombarding myself with work LOL

I have officially taken YouTube more seriously and treating it as a business in itself.

Like they say - if you want to be successful at something you need to invest either time or money into it.

Whether it is buying an expert's knowledge, outsourcing low leverage processes or buying equipment to improve efficiencies.

I have invested money and now dedicating even more time to getting good at youtube.

The money I invested was: oursourced editing (I used to edit all my videos when I started- this was fun but took a lot of my time) and bought equipment.

I was always investing time into writing scripts and coming up with video ideas (I tried chatgpt for a bit but it wasn't that good lol)

Now I am blocking off more time to dedicate to youtube and brainstorm, analyze and script videos in hopes to grow the channel.

My editor and I met this week to brainstorm titles and thumbnails for upcoming videos to try to improve the channels performance.

There is so much to learn about youtube and it really is a science and it fascinates me! I was hovering around 5-800 subscribers for some time then 1 video went viral and the channel now has 8.25k subscribers 🀯

However the videos that we have posted since then have not been performing well so we went back to the drawing board to figure out how we could make them better (titles and thumbnails).

If this is the first time you are hearing about my youtube channel then I invite you to subscribe to the channel - we are pumping out some high quality content and the struggle we are facing right now is just getting the word out so your support would mean the world :)

When I was on vacation last month I couldn't stop thinking about what was the next thing that I could create for you all.

I wanted it to be high value and very accessible.

I knew I would have to put in tons of hours to make it a reality but it is finally here.

I made an Aligner Case Selection Guide and Video Training - and I will be giving them away for free.


Because I wish this existed back when I was first learning how to do aligners.

I try to provide value in my youtube and instagram videos - and some of you watch every single one (which blows my mind)

But a lot of you don't and that's fine.

Everyone consumes content differently and this is my way of packaging up valuable information and delivering it to you in an easy and digestible way.

I have also created a new service which I believe will revolutionize the industry and I share the details about it at the end of the video training - so be sure to stay until the end.

Once the aligner case selection system goes live to the public there will be limited access to it - so don't drag your feet and miss out.

Get on the priority waitlist here.

Something You Should Know...

Have you ever wondered what makes instagram reels go viral?

My friend Joyce The Dentist has a DOPE newsletter called ViralPOP!

ViralPOP is a free newsletter that helps dentists grow on social media with weekly insights into what is trending so that they can go viral.


Straight Talk

In our journey to provide exceptional clear aligner treatment, one vital element we can't afford to overlook is monitoring compliance. It's the linchpin that holds our patients' progress and satisfaction together. Allow me to share some personal insights on why this matters so much and how we can excel in this area:

Patient Engagement: Monitoring compliance isn't just about tracking aligner wear; it's an opportunity for us to engage and educate our patients. Regular check-ins foster trust and open communication, ensuring they stay committed to their treatment plan.

Identify Early Challenges: By closely monitoring patient compliance, we can spot and address any issues early on. Whether it's discomfort, difficulty with aligners, or other concerns, addressing them promptly keeps treatment on track.

Optimal Outcomes: Our patients trust us with their smile transformations. Monitoring compliance is how we deliver on that trust, ensuring they achieve the stunning results they envision.

Technology as an Ally: Leverage digital tools and apps to facilitate compliance monitoring. These tools not only make tracking easier but also empower our patients to take an active role in their journey.

Monitoring compliance is not just a responsibility; it's a reflection of our commitment to our patients' smiles and confidence.

Video of the Week

In this video, we're going to explain how smiledirectclub, a 9 billion dollar company, went bankrupt.

Smiledirectclub was a popular direct to consumer clear aligner manufacturer. However, the company faced several challenges in the past year, culminating in its bankruptcy filing last week.

Watch it HERE!

If you enjoy dental content and you are not already - ​subscribe to my youtube channel​ - I drop a new video every week!



Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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