Why are so many dentists afraid of change?

Hey Friends,

This week I celebrated the 4th of July in NYC... it was magical!

This was the view from our friends apartment:

The rest of the week was spent at a co-working space that my wife's company paid for to host them whenever they come to the office (perks of working at a tech startup)

Can you imagine if there was a co-working space for dentists?

Have patients come there - you pay a small fee to "rent the chairs" and you bring your team.

Pretty lean way to do dentistry - maybe it exists already - maybe it doesn't? There's an idea!

If you haven't heard - Meta released a new app called THREADS. It is basically twitter but made by Meta. I have been messing around on it this week (it is pretty addicting lol) and it was cool to experience this NEW app.

Go follow me if you haven't already: THREADS

Threads got 70 million signups in 24 hours... that is WILD!!

I was reflecting a bit and realized I thought it was cool - but many people may not think the same. Some people see this new thing in a negative light.

"oh wow - another app ughhh"

"I liked things the way they were - why do I have to learn something new to stay up to date?"

"Why can't I just use twitter?"

All of these are valid questions - but they say a lot about your perspective in life.

You see - THREADS is an example of innovation. Something new. It fills a gap that exists. A lot of people were tired of the spammy nature of twitter and wanted a space where they could be more raw and authentic. People were getting tired of constantly being sold something online and wanted a free space to connect and share.

Threads is filling that gap.. I think (this is just a theory as nobody really knows what threads is going to be used for... this is what makes it exciting.)

But back to the point - innovation at first can be scary - but it is how we grow and evolve.

If things stayed the same - sure you might be comfortable - but that's boring and is not good in the long run.

Humans are meant to innovate and create - those who keep an open mind and give things a try... usually win.

That being said - I draw a parallel to aligners. This is a relatively new procedure - and people still have not even TRIED to do it.

That is crazy.

I have already shared with you all the exponential growth aligners are seeing world wide and how it is the fastest growing procedure in dentistry...

Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor and learn this game changing procedure.

Just watch how much Threads is going to fill your news feed (if it hasn't already) - that is the power of something new... this same thing is happening in dentistry - just a tad bit slower LOL (because Dentistry is the slowest moving profession on the planet)

So if you haven't already - go watch my free training where I show you how to start doing the fastest growing procedure in dentistry...

And if you have already seen it - go sign up for my course - Aligner Launchpad... you STILL have the opportunity to get ahead of everyone else... what are you waiting for?

Straight Talk

Implement a Referral Program:

Create a referral program specifically tailored to your clear aligner services. Encourage your current patients to refer their friends, family members, or colleagues who may benefit from clear aligner treatment. Offer incentives such as discounts, complimentary consultations, or additional services to both the referrer and the referred patient.

Here's how you can implement this tip tomorrow:

  1. Develop referral program materials: Create referral cards or digital assets that include clear information about your clear aligner services, benefits, and the referral program itself.
  2. Train your team: Brief your dental team about the referral program and educate them on the benefits of clear aligners. Ensure they are knowledgeable and confident in discussing the program with patients.
  3. Engage with current patients: During their visit, inform your current patients about the referral program and emphasize the positive impact of clear aligners. Provide them with referral cards or instructions on how to refer others.
  4. Leverage online channels: Utilize your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to promote the referral program and spread the word about your clear aligner services. Include direct links or buttons for easy referral submission.
  5. Track and reward referrals: Establish a system to track referrals and attribute them to the appropriate referrers. Ensure that rewards are promptly delivered to referrers and their referred patients, making them feel appreciated.

By implementing a referral program, you tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and leverage your existing satisfied patients to attract new patients interested in clear aligner treatment. This not only helps increase your patient base but also strengthens the trust and credibility associated with your dental practice.

Video of the Week

If you're wondering how much money dentists earn - go watch my new video here. Please comment after you watch with any questions or insights. I want to foster a community where new docs can get a realistic expectation of earnings!

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Oh YEAH - I wanted to share 2 links to the 2 instagram reels I made this week.. would love your inputs in the comments on these!

  1. My reaction to the American Association of Orthodontics weird video
  2. GP and Ortho contributions to the success of Smile Direct Club

Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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