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You Need To Say Thank You To Invisalign...

Published 9 months ago • 5 min read

Hey Friends,

Instead of a reflection of my life this week, I wanted to share some information about Invisalign that I came across and how it is benefiting you without you even knowing it.

If you didn't know - Invisalign spends MILLIONS of dollars on marketing every single year.

You should say thank you if you haven't already.


Because if they didn't spend that money - do you really think so many people would know what Invisalign actually is?

They have poured so much into marketing that they had their product name synonymous with the TREATMENT.

People refer to Clear Aligner therapy as INVISALIGN. They don't even know that there are other brands out there.

That is the power of marketing.

I took a look at Align's (company that owns Invisalign) Q4 and Fiscal 2022 Financial reports and wanted to share with you their marketing strategy.

If you are using Invisalign - listen up.

If you are using a different brand - listen up.

If you aren't doing Aligners at all... you REALLY need to listen up.

I outlined Invisalign's marketing strategy in a very simple way:

What They Do: They want to tell people about Invisalign, which is a way to make your teeth straight. They want to tell so many people that lots of them will want to go to the dentist to get Invisalign and make their smiles better.

  • Cool Ads: In the last part of the year, they made some really cool ads. One is for teenagers, and it talks about how Invisalign is better than regular braces and makes life easier. The other one is for grown-ups, and it shows how Invisalign can make them happy by giving them a nice smile.
  • Internet and Games: They put ads on the internet where lots of young people go, like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. They even made a fun game about Invisalign on a game website called Roblox. Many kids played the game and learned about Invisalign.
  • Famous People: They worked with famous people like athletes and actors. These famous people told their own stories about using Invisalign to make their smiles better. Lots of people listened to them.
  • Different Places: In other parts of the world, they also used social media and worked with people who are like Invisalign ambassadors. They told kids, parents, and grown-ups about Invisalign, and lots of people liked it.

Now take that strategy and pump MILLIONS of dollars behind it... people are going to know about the brand.

Want a number to get an idea of how many impressions (views) this campaign generated?

They delivered 4 billion impressions.  🤯

Everyone wins from this...

Prospective patients are getting education about why they need to straighten their teeth and Invisalign is positioned as a solution.

If you have a limiting mindset and think from a competitiion standpoint - this is where you will lose.

You see... when Invisalign markets their product to patients... patients don't really know the difference between brands in the clear aligner space.

Non dental people think "clear trays that move teeth... I want that."

Some people will go to the invisalign website and try to find a doctor to treat them.

But people are lazy.

So what do most people do...?

The next time they go in for a cleaning they ask their dentist if they "do invisalign"

This is where it gets really fun...

This is why you have some dentists that are doing 2-3 cases a month (even though they don't really know how to do aligners... their patients ask for the treatment - and they do it)

But even if you don't offer invisalign and you use a different brand - you can still treat this patient because your patient trusts you.

Then you have the dentists who don't offer this treatment.

The benefit of the millions of dollars of marketing ENDS HERE...

You are missing out on allllll this opportunity simply because you haven't taken the time to learn how to do this procedure.

That is ok - you are not alone.

Out of 200,000 dentists in the USA about 185,000 don't do aligners lol

The supply demand ratio is SO OFF it is absolutely nuts.

Listen - the arrow is pointed UP when it comes to number of patients that need and want this treatment every year.

Companies like invisalign are not going to stop investing money in marketing... they will continue to do it because it is working.

The question is - are you offering aligners yet?

If not... what are you waiting for?

This is WHY I created Aligner Launchpad and my Free Masterclass.

I want to help teach docs HOW to offer this procedure simply and predictably.

You don't need to spend a dime on marketing... Invisalign is already spending millions.

You just need to learn how to offer the procedure so that you can capitalize on this opportunity and treat the patients who need your help!

Straight Talk

The Power of Precision Attachments

Ever thought about using precision attachments to take your aligner treatments to the next level? These nifty little additions can make a world of difference in achieving those intricate tooth movements.

Here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself: Take a few moments to understand the different types of precision attachments available. They come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific movements. Whether rotations, extrusions, or controlled tipping, there's an attachment for every challenge.

Step 2: Case Selection: Start by identifying a suitable case in your upcoming aligner treatments where precision attachments could make a significant impact. Think about those cases where traditional aligners might fall a bit short.

Step 3: Placement Precision: When placing attachments, ensure the tooth surface is clean and dry. Use a gentle touch to secure the attachment firmly. Precision is key here – even a slight misalignment can affect the treatment outcome.

Step 4: Communication: This is where your magic as a dentist comes in. Educate your patients about the purpose and benefits of these attachments. A well-informed patient is more likely to cooperate and appreciate your efforts.

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust: As treatment progresses, keep a close eye on the movement. Don't hesitate to adjust or replace attachments if needed. Your keen observation will ensure the best results.

Step 6: Team Training: If you have a dental team, make sure they're on board with this new technique. A cohesive approach enhances the overall patient experience.

Remember, trying something new might feel a bit daunting at first, but the results can be truly transformative. Precision attachments can give you that extra edge in tackling complex cases and achieving exceptional outcomes for your patients.

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If you are curious about it, watch it here.

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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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