Hey Friends,

I wanted to share with you an idea/plan to grow my online business.

I am creating a new resource that will be an absolute BANGER and I cannot wait to release it to you all.

Spoiler alert: It is called the ALIGNER CASE SELECTION SYSTEM

If you are interested in getting on the waitlist and getting exclusive access to it before everyone else... get on the priority waitlist here.

Currently my biggest focus is on Aligner Launchpad

If you don't know about it by now - that is not your fault.

That means I have room for improvement with marketing 😁

This is where a lot of my energy has been going for the last 6-8 months (learning and implementing marketing strategies)

I already know the training program is effective because countless docs share their wins and how they feel about the program.

So now the challenge is "How Do I Let More People Know About This Super Awesome Program?"

I have been diving into marketing gurus books (non-dental) and there are countless proven ways to do it.

This can be overwhelming.

So Neha (my wife) - helped me distill this down to a simple actionable step.

"If you were in a training program - what would motivate you to tell your friends?"

I am naturally the person to just "talk about stuff" that I like. You might be similar.

But most people need a little "nudge"

The nudge can be a lot of things - in our business it is an incentive coupled with a way to give back to my biggest supporters.

This is how the Aligner Launchpad Ambassador Program came to fruition.

We just launched it this week to docs in the program and I am STOKED to see how this plays out!

I wanted to gift docs who refer friends that enroll in the program something special.

Something that I WOULD WANT - but may not actually buy for myself.

Here are the gifts:

You see that last gift?

Any digital scanner of your choice...

I wanted something so outrageous that it would be unlike anything ever before.

I don't think any other training program in the industry is even giving away gifts like this in exchange for an honest referral.

I want to be different.

I want this to be something that people want to be a part of.

I also want people to... talk about it 😉

The way I envision this playing out is docs start referring friends into the program - I buy docs gifts - docs take selfies with their gifts - I show the world this is happening - people start talking about this doctor that is buying fellow docs macbooks, tvs and a freaking scanner.

The goal stated above gets achieved.... more people know about this program - whether or not they enroll...this is marketing!

I told you guys before - I have some crazy ideas - but I am trying to flip the industry upside down on it's head.

You're not able to do that if you do what other people do.

You gotta be different and willing to try NEW THINGS and see how they work.

Take this concept and apply it to your situation.

Let me know what happens.

Something You Should Know...

Have you ever wondered what makes instagram reels go viral?

My friend Joyce The Dentist has a DOPE newsletter called ViralPOP!

ViralPOP is a free newsletter that helps dentists grow on social media with weekly insights into what is trending so that they can go viral.


Straight Talk

Here's a fantastic tip to amp up your aligner game starting tomorrow: "The Power of Munchies!"

You know those small, squishy things that sometimes come with aligner kits? Those are munchies, and they're your secret weapon for getting those aligners to snugly fit like a glove.

Here's how to unleash their magic:

  1. Get Chomping: After your patients pop in their aligners, advise them to bite down gently on a munchie for about 5-10 minutes a few times a day. It's like a mini workout for their aligners, helping them settle into the perfect position.
  2. Even Pressure: Munchies work wonders by applying consistent pressure to ensure the aligners are making full contact with the teeth. This helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the aligner treatment.
  3. Daily Ritual: Make it a part of their daily routine. Whether they're sipping morning coffee or listening to a podcast, encourage them to multitask with some munchie action.
  4. Travel Buddy: They're super portable! Suggest that your patients keep a few munchies in their bags or pockets. It's an easy way to stay on track with aligner seating even when they're on the move.
  5. Hygiene Heroes: Remind them to clean their munchies with soap and water regularly. Nobody wants a dirty workout partner!

It might sound simple, but trust me, these little guys can make a big difference.

Video of the Week

Do your patients tell you that they hate you? I share why mine love me! In this video, I'm going to share with you some strategies that can be used to eliminate the fear of the dentist.

To know more, watch it here.

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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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