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Hey Friends,

I was in New Orleans this past week at the Dental Festival.

It was a Dental Conference that had multiple Dental Conferences within it - pretty cool concept!

I got to do a couple things that made the week enjoyable:

  • Meet social media friends in person for the first time
  • Spend quality time exploring a new city with my mom and siblings
  • Speak on stage and share my journey
  • Networked and connected with new people doing great things in dentistry

So Dentistry's Got Talent is a speaking competition for people trying to get exposure in the dental industry. I did not advance to the finals but I felt very grateful to be given the opportunity to speak in front of so many people!

The speech that I gave on stage is here

I did however have a speech prepared if I made it to the finals - so I decided to present it for my family in our hotel room.

You can watch it here - I posted it on IG and I think you will enjoy it.

It was very emotional as I talk about how my mom has supported me in my journey and how important it is to listen to the person in your life who is pushing you out of your comfort zone.

The sooner you listen to that person - the FASTER you will reach your goals. I promise.

I am super excited for this week as Neha and I are going to Italy! I have never been and I cannot wait to unplug and reset... this summer has been HOT and exhausting!

Straight Talk

Implement 3D Printing for Aligner Models:

Start using 3D printing technology to create cost-effective physical models of your patients' teeth for aligner treatment planning. This can reduce material costs and improve the overall patient experience.

Here's how you can implement this tip tomorrow:

  1. Invest in a 3D printer: Choose a dental-grade 3D printer suitable for creating clear aligner models. Ensure it integrates well with your existing digital workflow.
  2. Capture intraoral scans: Continue using intraoral scanning technology to create digital impressions of your patients' teeth.
  3. Print physical models: Use the 3D printer to transform digital impressions into physical models. This allows for a tangible representation of each patient's dental structure.
  4. Educate patients: During consultations, show patients their 3D-printed models to help them better understand their current dental condition and the expected outcomes with clear aligners.
  5. Reduce material costs: Over time, 3D printing can reduce material costs associated with traditional stone models, making aligner treatments more cost-effective for your practice.

By implementing 3D printing for aligner models, you improve the overall patient experience and reduce operational costs, making it a valuable addition to your clear aligner services.

Video of the Week

You ever wonder what the return on investment is for dentistry?

I grab the numbers and price it is for school + education then compare it to the earning potential for dentists.

If you are into learning about "return on investments" then this video is for you.

Would love to here if you think it's worth it - share your comment on the video as I am trying to grow my youtube channel and your comments will help boost it in the algorithm!

If you enjoy dental content and you are not already - ​subscribe to my youtube channel​ - I drop a new video every week!

Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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