Your Student Debt Is Bananas

Hey Friends,

The concept of dental student loan repayment is pretty nuts.

You took out around $500k in loans just to learn how to do basic procedures.

You come out and know little to nothing

Then you have to essentially invest in more education to be able to level up.

If you didn't know you needed to do that... now you know lol

I say this because I wish I knew that earlier in my career.

The first dentist I worked for actually told me CE was a waste of money... (he was wrong - kind of)

I think the right way to frame it is that not all CE is created equal.

I have invested in good and bad CE.

The bad CE were courses that didn't live up to the promise they made or I may have taken them too early in my career.

You see for CE to make sense you need to be able to be in an environment where you can immediately start taking action and implementing your learnings.

Because it has been shown that the longer you wait to implement after learning something the higher the chance is that you will not do the procedure.

So if you're a practice owner - once you make up your mind that you are going to do a course... do it all the way.

Focus on it and prioritize it.

When you do you will see the highest ROI on your investment.

There will always be other shit going on in your practice... that isn't going anywhere.

But the success rate of implementing a new procedure is something that will DROP over time the longer you wait.

And for the associates...

Don't go taking CE that you can't implement.

If your office is not equipped for full mouth rehabs... save the $10k on that big course.

You're better off going and spending $2,500 on 4 seperate courses on specific procedures that you can implement tomorrow... (root canals, extractions, aligners, case acceptance)

Just my thoughts on this Sunday morning.

Oh yeah and if you are curious about how to pay back your student loans my new youtube video is a must watch!

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Your Friend,

Dr. Avi

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